November 15, 2008

AQUATRA releases Backup Expert 2.0

Computer crashes and hard disk failures are an unfortunate matter of "when", and not "if". Prepare yourself for upcoming system crash, minimize your losses and save time on restoring your PC back to full operation!

If you lose all data because of computer crash hard disk failure, what data would you try to restore? Would you refer to your backup media for recovering Windows and installed products such as Microsoft Office, or would you simply re-install them all from their original CDs? Most people don't bother to back up Windows and program files as they can be re-installed quite easily. But can you afford losing all your personal files, emails, family snapshots, office documents and accounting spreadsheets? You can't re-install your files if you don't have a backup, and you won't have a backup if you don't create one first! You already spent hours of your time to create these documents and customize Windows to perform your tasks, so do you really want to do it all over again?

If you have a fresh backup copy of your files handy, you can restore your original documents and settings, including the smallest details such as email accounts or Windows desktop background, in a matter of minutes!

Just a few years ago you literally had to be a hi-tech professional to successfully create and use data backups. In the past, you had to know exactly what you want to backup and where the files were, which is not easy at all if you try to think for a moment about an exact disk location of your email messages or email accounts. But even if you happened to know everything about your files and settings, you would need a separate tool to compress that data in order to fit on a finite number of CD or DVD discs, and after that you'd need yet another tool to actually burn the archive to those CDs. Oh, and you'd need to remember to create archive volumes of certain size so that they fit on the CD or DVD media. And if you managed to do all that, you'd have to guard these disks with your life against anyone wishing to peek into your private data as no privacy protection is assumed if you take such route!

Backup Expert can burn your data on a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or HD-DVD disc, save it to a USB flash, store it on an external hard drive, or even use a remote computer on a local network or over the Internet to store your data over FTP!

Can you afford not having your home insured? Can you drive a car without insurance? Stop taking chances with your important data! Back up your documents and settings easily and securely with Backup Expert software. Download a free evaluation copy of Backup Expert from official website and protect yourself against data loss and hardware failures.

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records management said...

Oh you are so correct it's just sad - it really is a matter of "when"... I was certain that it won't happen to me, but I'm glad I was prepared and had an awesome disaster recovery plan. I hope people who read this listen to you, backup is everything!!!